The Woodfuel Centre
North East suppliers of firewood, kindling, logs, woodchip, sawdust, wood pellets, reclaimed hardwood and smokeless fuels

Welcome to The Woodfuel Centre

Woodfuel has made an exciting comeback as one of the cleanest and most cost effective carbon-neutral sources of fuel for domestic and industrial heating. We supply a wide range of products including kiln dried sticks, air dried logs, woodchip, sawdust and virgin hardwood.

The Woodfuel Centre was selected as a brand name in 2008 to reflect growing demand fuelled by wood burning stoves and commercial biomass boilers.

Our products are made from natural softwood grown in sustainable forests in Northumberland and Scotland. We also supply virgin hardwood.

GOOD NEWS.... Woodfuel only attracts 5% VAT when we supply
direct for home use.


Sleekburn Renewable Wood Fuel Initiative is a Community Interest Company that was started in 2004 by Blyth Star Enterprises, a mental health charity, to provide training, support and work experience within a real working environment.


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